Loudspeaker   development

How to get the highest quality sound out of loudspeakers.

We are specialized in the development of loudspeakers for high quality music reproduction.

We can change the sound of a loudspeaker so that it will perform (much) better.

We see that in general there is a high potential for a high quality sound reproduction with excisting loudspeakers but this potential is not being used.

Either we can improve the original product or we can make a change with components of our and or of the customers choice.

We have found that in general even the better brands such as B&W Infinity Audio Physic Avalon Dynaudio Canton etc have plenty of room for improvement.

We can improve nearly all loudspeakers and bring them to their top.

What we do:

We listen.

Then we find the greatest mistakes they make. Even when they are relative.

We will look for reasons why these mistakes are made.

First mistakes can be frequency response. Second mistake can be phase response.

Large impact has the material of the cones or domes. Large impact has the weight of cones or domes.

Large impact does the stiffness of cones and domes have. Large impact does the surround have. In shore A. In thickness. I allowance to move and dampen and control or over control.  Maximum excursion. In effect of the spider.

Cabinet shape size material damping.

Then we measure the system with our mlssa measuring system to confirm the acoustical imperfections.

Then we improve them.

We repeat this process until the result is exellent.

For commercial systems which have to perform in competition with other brands it can be interesting to spent more time and compare them with their competitors to know what sound the have to outperform and to become better then their competitor.

Usually very much improvement is possible by improving the loudspeaker electronic filter.

The setup and value of the components are so complex that usually we can bring important improvements here.

When more is necessary we can change loudspeaker units, damping, adjustment and improve what ever is necessary or possible to get excellent results.


Why does a Millon Cobra III sound better than a B&O 8000 and a Piega and a B&W XT4? And why does a Millon Cobra IV even sounds better than a larger B&W 804 Diamond?
We know why.

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